Contest rules – 10yrs Monte-Carlo Bay



Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort 10-year Anniversary

From 10 June to 31 December 2015



Article 1: Description of the Contest


The Société des Bains de Mer et des Cercles des Étrangers, whose head office is located at Place du Casino – MC98000 – Monaco, is organising a contest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with no purchase necessary, called “Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort 10-year Anniversary Contest” (hereinafter the “Contest”). 
The Contest will take place from 12:00 on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 to 12:00 on Thursday, 31 December 2015. The Contest consists of SBM sales managers sending direct emails to the partner event agencies (hereinafter the “Contestants”) they manage and asking them to take a photograph with the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s mascot, a seahorse.The Contestants take photos with the seahorse in an original setting and send the photos by email to
At the end of the Contest, all SBM sales managers select the most creative and artistic photos from all the photos they have received. A jury of 4 people from SBM then select the winning photos from among those shortlisted. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be challenged. The winning Contestants will receive an email from the SBM sales department notifying them of their win. Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

Article 2: Rules & Regulations

Participation in the Contest implies the acceptance without reservation of the current Rules and Regulations (hereinafter the “Rules”) by Contestants, as well as the laws, ordinances and other texts applicable in the Principality of Monaco. The Rules are governed exclusively by Monegasque law and shall apply to all Contestants. They can be consulted on the SBM website: http://meeting.baindemer.com and can be accessed via a link in the mail sent to the Contestants.

Article 3: Prizes


 The details for each prize are as follows:


-A 2-night stay in a double sea-view room at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort inclusive of buffet breakfast(1) worth €1,152.


-Two Monte-Carlo invitation(2) cards worth €100 each (€200 in all), per stay and per room, which can be used in the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Resort.


The total amount of each prize is €1,352.


(1)     Breakfast served at the hotel restaurant.

(2)     The Monte-Carlo invitation card is not valid for accommodation. It can only be used once, and any remaining credit will not be reimbursed.


The winners are personally responsible for attributing prizes to other members of their company’s personnel, if they wish so. SBM cannot be held liable for this in any way.


Prizes can only be used once and cannot be refunded.

Prizes cannot be returned, exchanged, sold or refunded, in full or in part.

In case of loss, theft, damage or expiration, the prizes will not be refunded or replaced. 


Prizes do not include travel expenses between the winner’s residence and Monaco or within the city.


PERIOD OF VALIDITY FOR PRIZES: from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016, subject to availability and excluding special and/or private events.




Article 4: Claiming prizes

 Winners can claim their prize by presenting the email notifying the win or the voucher from the SBM sales department, and by booking their stay in advance with the sales department. Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged.



Article 5: Disputes

Société des Bains de Mer management has exclusive competence to settle any disputes that may arise during the Contest or to apply these Rules.

Claims are only admissible for a period of ten days after the results are announced.



 Article 6: Liability

Société des Bains de Mer cannot be held liable for the modification or cancellation of Contest prizes in case of force majeure or circumstances beyond their control.


Société des Bains de Mer reserves the right to prosecute anyone who commits fraud or attempts to do so. However, Société des Bains de Mer cannot be held liable vis-à-vis the Contestants in any way for fraud committed by third parties.


Contestants who register and participate in the Contest using a false or stolen identity will be considered to have committed fraud. Contestants must register and participate in the draw using their own name. Any Contestant committing fraud will be eliminated from the Contest.


In the case of negligence or breach by any Contestant, Société des Bains de Mer reserves the right to eliminate the Contestant from the Contest without any claim to be made in this regard.


Article 7: Personal data

Contestants must provide personal information to validate their participation in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort 10-year Anniversary Contest. This personal data is intended for exclusive use by SBM.  


By agreeing to participate in the Contest, Contestants consent to use of their personal data for marketing and commercial purposes by SBM and its subsidiaries, who may email Contestants with business offers, newsletters and other information on products and services.


Pursuant to law no. 1.165 of 23 December 1993 on personal data protection, Contestants have the right to access and rectify their personal information. They can exercise this right by sending a letter to Société des Bains de Mer – Service Marketing – BP 139 – Place du Casino – 98000 Monaco or by sending an email to



Article 8: Publishing Photographs


By agreeing to participate in the Contest, Contestants authorise SBM to publish the winning photos (hereinafter the “Photographs”) on SBM pages on social networks, its websites, and/or in direct emailing campaigns.


SBM will only publish the following photographs:


-           Photographs that do not degrade the image of Monaco, the royal family, SBM or its establishments

-           Photographs that comply with accepted standards of behaviour and public order. Photographs with pornographic, racist, homophobic or derogatory content will automatically be excluded from the Contest.


By agreeing to participate in the Contest, Contestants agree to transfer exclusive copyright ownership, in full and free of charge, to SBM, making the photos the exclusive property of SBM for the term of protection of copyright and worldwide.


Specifically, Contestants agree to transfer to SBM and all concerned third parties:


- Adaptation and modification: the right to adapt or modify any or all photos, in any format. Specifically, this includes the right to correct, improve, transform, monitor, maintain, adapt, translate, transcribe, integrate, interface, disseminate and delete any or all photos, in whole or in part, as well as the right to add and/or integrate a literary or graphic element, such as a text, photo, drawing or distinctive mark.


- Reproduction: the right to reproduce, scan, copy, save, edit and create any or all photos, in whole or in part, in any format, as many times as SBM sees fit, via any means or media for communicating with the public.


- Publication: the right to present, distribute, market, disseminate, use and publish any or all photos, in whole or in part, with or without modifications, as many times as SBM sees fit, with or without compensation, in public, via any means or media, present or future. Specifically, this includes electronic, digital, computer, magnetic, optical and film media, through telecommunications, cable, satellite, radio waves, internet, intranet, television and broadcasting.


Contestants hereby renounce any claim for compensation regarding use of the Photographs or against SBM for concessions made in this contract or for using the Photographs as mentioned above, in full or in part, in any form or on any date.


Contestants assure SBM that they have obtained the necessary authorisation to sign this contract, especially concerning the people photographed and the beneficiaries; they hold SBM harmless from all requests, claims or actions by any third party for any reason regarding the use of the Photographs.

SBM agrees not to publish any Photograph that contains an identifiable person, product, brand or place on explicit request by the Contestant.

SBM agrees to only publish the Photographs in a manner that presents Contestants in a positive light, and using high-quality media.